RF Shielded Enclosure (EMC Tent)

RF Shielded Enclosure (EMC Tent)

EMC Tents for electronic measurements and pre-compliance testing
EMC Tents are the ideal choice for laboratory tests and measurements. Compared to solid shielding chambers, the RF enclosures are flexible in handling, can be set up and taken down in a very short time and offer a fast and, above all, cost-effective alternative in the field of EMC testing.

What is pre-compliance testing?
Before an electronic device can be placed on the market, the manufacturer must have its electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tested and ensure compliance with the relevant regulations.

The complex EMC conformity tests must be carried out by accredited laboratories that have the appropriate measuring equipment and a shielded RF absorber chamber. If a product fails, the manufacturer has to make improvements or design changes, which is often time-consuming and expensive at such a late stage of development and postpones the market launch.

Safe time and money with EMC Tents
RF Shielding EMC Tents shield up to 95 dB in a frequency range from 0.03 to 40 GHz. Complex and costly EMC compliance testing can be avoided by using RF Shielding EMC Enclosures for pre-compliance testing during the product development phase. Whether large or small, we can configure the right tent for you.


  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Different components available (door, camera, I/O panel, light, floor, ventilation system, cable sleeves, filtered connections)
  • IEEE 299/2006 standard

Application areas

  • Shielding of highly sensitive electronic equipment
  • Computer and mobile phone forensics
  • Electromagnetic allergy/electrosmog
  • Testing of cars, satellites, computers and control systems
  • Use in leading companies within aerospace, the automotive industry and in the military sector