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RF Shielding Solutions is a world leading producer of radio frequency and radiological products and shielding solutions.

Safety is paramount

Exposure to strong electromagnetic fields can compromise electronic systems and be damaging to personnel.

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over 30 years supplying protective products and clothing in the RF Environment

Performance you can depend on

RF Shielding commits to delivering in these six key areas.

Fully certified

Products produced for our clients meet the highest standards of certification in the industry.

Highest quality

European manufacturing standards are followed to ensure consistent quality.

Unique material

We use a protected material mix to produce portable Faraday cages and RF products.

Made in Europe

Our products are manufactured in Europe and we are situated in the UK.

Independently tested

Our independently tested products protect people and electronics from exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Industry specialists

As sector experts we supply governments, the military, police forces and the telecoms industry.

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RF Quality/Testing and Tech applications

Our RF products are designed to protect the integrity of electronic equipment and components including bags, missile bags, tents and vehicle lining. Signage is also available.

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RF Shielding Product range

We have a complete range of clothing and PPE to protect staff against electromagnetic radiation.

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Bespoke design

Liaise with our specialist team on the design, testing and manufacture of quality bespoke products made to meet your exacting specifications.

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News & Updates

RF Shielding specialised products are not just for the recovery of evidence but that as the world has become more digitalised criminals and unscrupulous governments worldwide use extraction and data stealing technologies to gather intelligence and commit crime and espionage un detected. This means it is necessary for government departments, key police personnel, Investigators, Military Staff and officials to use the RF shielding technologies when out in public to protect their own and official government data and devices