Supporting all your needs in RF products and shielding solutions including design, Testing and bespoke Products based on faraday cage principles

About Us


Who we are and where are products are being used

RF Shielding Solutions (also known as BUYRF) have been working in the RF Evironment for over 30 years with staff in UK, USA, Germany and Ireland.  Our customer base include Military, Police, Telecomms and General Industry with customers across Europe, USA, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia to name a few.

Only a short exposure time to strong electromagnetic fields can be lethal to any electronic system. High power electromagnetic radiation has a lot of applications in modern warfare. Powerful transmitters are widely available and are operational; they create a threat to any equipment containing electronics and to the workforce.

RF Shielding Solutions provides proven solutions for a large variety of weapon systems, such as guided missiles, communication devices, and other systems containing electronics along with RF protective clothing.

RF Shielding Solutions is a world leader in RF and Radiological protective products and clothing. Bespoke solutions to meet customer’s requirements and specifications can be supported by our specialist team. 

RF Shielding Solutions supports both Military and civilian customers throughout the UK and internationally.

Products include:

RF Case/Bags

RF suits & Specialist PPE

RF Tents and Equipment protection

RF Missile Bags


Where our products are being used

Our (Radio Frequency) RF products are portable Faraday cages made using a protected material mix. The role of the products is to protect either data stored on an item or electronic parts by blocking signals either reaching the item in the RF bag and or stopping the bagged item transmitting to other items outside. All our key products have been independently tested to meet the requirements of our customers.

Today the biggest impact is 4G Phone signals and our products have been tested by the British Police forces, Forensic teams and the Military along with Scenesafe who are a UK Company that holds frameworks to supply Police and Military forces worldwide. 

In the UK the police across all areas carry our products when they are carrying out operations. All electronic items (Phones, IPADS, Computers and storage devices) found at the location would be bagged immediately to protect any data that they might contain and then either taken to a secure area or use our RF Tents or Gloveboxes to interrogate the electronic items in situ safely.

Some Police forces then store as evidence the items in the bags or once finished with the bags are then cleaned ready to be used for the next case.

The Military Police and special-forces use the above products in the same way as the civilian police. Other agencies that use them include Government depts. And also you can offer the same to data sensitive companies like solicitors and banks.


Research & Development

All our products are based on the faraday cage principles and independently tested by test houses including EMCCons DR.RASEK GmbH & Co KG ensuring all our RF Products meet the needs for shielding solutions for our customers