RF Tech Applications

High frequency electromagnetic radiation

High power electromagnetic radiation has a number of applications; powerful transmitters which create a threat to the workforce and equipment containing electronics are both widely available and are operational. Even short exposure to strong electromagnetic fields can be lethal to any electronic system or hazardous to personnel.

Shielding electronics

Radio frequency technologies can protect electronics in one of two ways, they serve as a barrier to block signals from reaching electronic parts and interfering with stored data; or they block signals to prevent electronics from transmitting to other items outside.

Such technologies are used in a number applications across sectors, for example: in modern warfare they are used to shield weapon systems such as guided missiles and communication devices from interference; in telecomms they are used as a barrier to protect systems containing electronics; and government departments and large organisations use these technologies to shield sensitive data.

The UK Police Force, Military police and special forces also widely use RF technologies across multiple operations. For example, seized electronic items, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and storage devices, are RF bagged to preserve data on them; items are investigated in situ using RF tents or gloveboxes or are retained in RF bags while being transferred or stored while awaiting use as evidence.

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Protecting personnel

Exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation can also be damaging to personnel, and sectors in which significant exposure is more likely to occur are: the engineering, transport and energy sectors; broadcasting and telecomms; and the health care sector. RF protective PPE will help to comply with applicable RD safety standards.

Employers of staff likely to experience exposure, are expected to identify hazards and prevent harm by taking reasonable steps to limit and/or prevent exposure. This protection can be achieved in two ways: EF shielding technologies either serve as a barrier to contain signals and block them from being transmitted to personnel; or RF personal protective equipment (PPE) prevents signals from reaching personnel.

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