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RF Guided Missile Bag


Product Code: TBC

  • The product described here can be used for guided missiles that need protection against negative influences resulting from elevated electromagnetic fields, such as Milan and TOW
  • EMC casing for guided missiles consisting of inner and outer textile layer in the form of a bag. The opening is sealed by means of velcro. 
  • Inner casing material: silver-coated Nylon; Ripstop weave
  • Weight: 50 g/ m² ± 15%; 
  • Material Attenuation of Shielding: approx. 60 dB between 30 MHz and 3 GHz
  • Surface Resistance: on average < 0.3 Ohm.
  • Outer Casing Material: laminated Polyamid according to TL 8305-0278-type E-1, Colour: stone grey
  •  Dimensions:   Length: 1630 mm
  • Diameter: 250 mm Length of velcro band for closing the casing: 720 mm
  • The EMV protective casing can be reused, as long as the inner casing has no obvious damage, such as tears or holes
  • Discounts Available for bulk orders
  • Product can be embroidered with wording/logo if required (extra charge)

RF Missile Bag


High levels of electromagnetic fields can cause damage to ordnances containing sensitive electro-explosive devices. To prevent the susceptibility of EEDs to radiated or conducted electromagnetic energy, Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) limits are imposed. However, under certain circumstances, ordnances may be exposed to RF fields, exceeding these limits.

RF Shielding Solutions has developed protective covers for different missile systems shielding them against the negative effect of electromagnetic fields as well as electrostatic discharge. All products were tested and approved based on the HERO qualification of the systems. 

We have supplied our missile bags to NATO Armed forces.

RF Signage


  • Signage of any size, design and  material.
  • Nano technology, sticky back, Plastic, Aluminium, any material to meet your needs
  • Internal and external use and for scaffolding
  • All signage meets international   standards and road side furniture
  • Anti-Fade guarantees
  • Discounts Available for bulk orders
  • Product can have your company  wording/logo if required (extra charge)
  • Other sizes and shapes available and wording to meet your requirements

RF Signage



Tent options


RF Shielding solutions can build RF Tents to meet your needs from a standalone faraday cage in the field to a tent within a building.  We can also offer protection for aircraft, drones and missile systems


Specialist Build


RF Lining

We can offer bespoke RF protection such as vehicle lining, engine block protection and electronic product box lining to meet all your needs.